Baby Steps

I’ve been so inspired and motivated in the zero waste world lately from downsizing my things so asking a store employee if I can use glass jars for their bulk bins. Today in my city, I went to an awesome event called EarthFest. EarthFest is a festival type deal with vendors and workshops on things like fermentation, reiki, solar power, beekeeping, and zero waste! I unfortunately missed the zero waste workshop, but I love everything about the event and atmosphere. 

But after EarthFest I stopped by Kroger and their glass jars were on sale! So I got some 4 oz jars to switch my beauty-ish products (toothpaste, deodorant, face scrub, and face powder-all homemade) from plastic containers to the jars! 

Here’s before:


And here’s after:


It’s a slow process, and my family right now only has about three trash bags a month (not including recycling and compost), but I would love to get that down to even less! 

Is there anything like EarthFest in your area? Did you do anything awesome on this lovely Saturday? Let me know! 


Here we go again

Hi lovelies! I hope you’ve had an amazing summer! I’ve been so busy between working a day camp, yoga classes and looking into different teacher trainings, and keeping up with college classes. The school I work at starts back up tomorrow so it’s back to a normal routine! This summer seemed to fly by, it always does. What was your favorite memory from this summer? Any big plans coming up? Do tell!


Here’s my mermaid pose in the sun! Check out that gorgeous sunflower too!

Things I Want to Grow This Season

Hi guys! So the weather is FINALLY getting warmer and let me tell you I am so excited! Doesn’t warm weather and the sun instantly put you in a better mood? That’s how it is for me, anyway. 

This time of year, I get so excited about planting the garden I can hardly wait until May. I’ve been re-growing romaine lettuce from the ends of others and that seems to be working out well. I’m so ready to be in the dirt and sun though. 

Here’s some new and returning things that I want to grow this year:

  • potatoes- I think I’m going to go the potato tower route to save space
  • strawberries- We got a couple good ones last year so they should be awesome this season
  • green onions- Honestly, I just thing they smell so good!
  • mint and spearmint
  • basil-I need to cut it back better this year (Does anyone have any tips?)
  • lavender
  • garlic
  • spinach or kale maybe?

I need to keep up with the weeds better this year too. I think I’m going to look for seeds tomorrow so we’ll see how that goes. Has anyone grown any of these things before and have any tips or information to share? Any suggestions for other things to grow? Let’s hear it!