Yoga Teacher Training

     I’m finally doing it. I say finally because I’ve been trying to find a way to make it work for about three years I think and it finally does. Kind of. I don’t know how I’ll be able to pay for school next semester but sometimes you have to just go for something and if it’s meant to be you will find a way to make it work and it’s worth that risk. This was worth it to me. 

     This time a year ago, I never would have made this leap into uncertainty. But I’ve grown a lot and this decision goes to show for it. 

     I hope you have or find something that’s worth a risk. 



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How to Have a Good Day

Hi lovelies! I hope your Valentine’s Day is full of love, for yourself and towards other people in your life! Yesterday I uploaded a new YouTube video all about my ways to have a better day (search “5 ways to have a good day Lacie” to watch it!) but once I finished the video I kept thinking of more to add! So here are some more ways to have a good day.
1. Tell someone you love that you care about them. Everyone needs to hear that every now and then. How can you not be happy knowing you made someone else smile?

2. Drink some tea. Tea is so calming and warm. Tea also has many other health benefits. Some of my favorites are peppermint and ginger.

3. Snuggle with your dog, cat, person. No explanation needed here.

4. Drive around. To me, there’s someone about driving and belting songs that’s relaxing and fun.

5. Do something that makes you laugh. Whatever it is, do it.

I’ll probably just add to this list as I think of more, but what do you guys do to have a good day? Let me know on here or in a comment on my video! Have a blessed day!

Shower Decisions

I’ve always thought it was so weird that people are expected to make life decisions at the age or 18. Having to know what is going to make you happy enough to do for the rest of your life when you’re still in high school is insane. So, here I am, in my second semester of college, failing my math class and loving every second of my part time job. If you read through this post, thank you, my plan is to kind of rant about the different directions I feel that I’m being pulled in. 

1. Registered Dietitian– with nutrition as my major, being an RD would be my end goal. I love all my nutrition classes and learning more about it all. But the actual “school” bit is killing me. I can’t help but think about how I’m spending my young years in a classroom instead of being outside or reading under a tree or anything else better than listening to professors go through a PowerPoint. 

2. Yoga Teacher– I love every minute of every yoga class I take. From the routine of Sun Salutations to busting my face trying to get Crow, I love it all. I’ve always said that whatever I do, I want to be able to look forward to it every day, never just go for the paycheck. 

3. Prek-3rd grade teacher– Right now, I work for an after school program through my local YMCA. I’m an assistant teacher at a preschool and at an elementary school. I’m so blessed to have this job because it doesn’t feel like work. The kids make my day. 

So I have no idea. Why can’t I just do everything I want to do?! All this life-thinking makes me want to just stay in a shower or something forever. I feel weird saying that, but I always come up with the best ideas in the shower. Are any of you torn between careers? Where do you make your best decision-making?