Happy New Year!

I hope your year is full of health, love, and happiness. 

I have some goals for the year. 

  1. Read my Bible daily. 
  2. Be more consistent with my yoga teacher training. 
  3. Get all A’s in school. 
  4. Run a half marathon. I’ll probably be signing up for one today! 
  5. Work out more consistently. Like keeping a notebook for keeping track of workouts. 
  6. Continue transition into minimalism/zero waste. Switch over to glass containers and cloth produce bags. 

Make a blog post at least once a week.    I like using this style mapping out my goals. 
What are your goals for the new year? Let me know and have a wonderful day!


March Goals

Here are my goals this month. At the end of this month I’ll come back to these and reflect on how I did. Here goes! 

  • Read some of the bible every day
  • Read at least two books (I finished Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie today, does that count?!)
  • Open my Etsy shop 
  • Blog twice a week 
  • Continue to declutter my room
  • Sell clothes on vinted or poshmark (let me know if you use either of these! I love them!) 
  • Work out  at least 4 times a week

Okay, seeing them all written out, it looks like a lot but I think I’ve got this! If anyone has any time management ideas or tips, pleaaase help a sister out. What are your goals for March?  

Dreams to Plans

Have you ever read a book that literally changed your life? Like, see every day differently because of a book? Okay here’s a little story.
So towards the end of 2014 I kept having this same thought pop in my head: “I want to build a school”. How in the world is a person like me supposed to build a school?! How does anyone go about building a school?! So I went to the library and looked up “nonprofits” in the catalog. I went to the first book in the list. It had a man with a bunch of kids on the cover, was calledThe Promise of a Pencil. That’s all I knew about it when I walked out with it in my hand.

I started reading it and was shocked. Almost in tears by the God wink of it all, this book told the story of the man on the cover, Adam Braun. He started Pencils of Promise, an organization that builds schools.
I finished the book this week and you have to read it. No question.
I’m so determined to build a school. I have no idea how, but I will. Whether I work through Pencils of Promise or somehow start something myself, I’ve got to do it.
What’s a book that’s changed your life? Is there something that you’re super determined to do? I want to know!

Goals for 2015

Hey guys! So it’s that time of year when everyone sets goals for themselves to accomplish in the upcoming year. This year, instead of just listing goals, I also made steps to help me achieve these goals. Here they are:

1. Read some of the Bible every day

2. Get all A’s this semester

3. Sign up for yoga teacher training

4. Begin transition into plastic-free/zero waste lifestyle

5. Put more effort in blog/YouTube (I’m thinking about making YouTube videos! If I did, what kinds of videos would you like to see?)

6. Write more

So those are some of the things I want to do this year. I’m trying to stay really focused and driven in my goals, but also working on letting go and being content throughout life in general. Does that make any sense?

I want to know what your goals are for this year, let me know!