Is there anyone else in the zero waste/environmental/health world that’s also in college?  I would love to exchange ideas on how to make this all work while going to school!


2 thoughts on “#collegelife

  1. Hey! I blog about simple living (waste reduction, bicycling, minimalism, environmentalism, and all sorts of other stuff) at untouchablysimple.com . I’m a Canadian university student from Winnipeg, MB. (Hi, I’m Julia!)
    Another young zero waste blogger is Kara at karagoesgreen.wordpress.com . She is a (recent) college grad though.
    Mary Kat at theplasticfreechef.com has a cool blog with a more plastic/cooking focus rather than zero waste specifically. She’s going to school in Toronto I think?
    I don’t know how your French is, but I love Charlotte at sortirlespoubelles.com . She’s a student in Montréal, QC.
    I just found Annika at unfuckupthisworld.wordpress.com . I haven’t really read her blog much yet, but she’s a German student studying in Scotland. It seems cool!

    I hear you on the difficulties of living an environmental lifestyle while attending school. It’s tough, especially when no one around you seems to get it. I love your blog though, keep it up! 🙂

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