Earth Love, beyond Earth Hour

The Winds of Change

mainEarth Hour’s 10 year old initiative to go dark for the planet takes place at 8:30pm tonight.

Earth Hour 2010It all began in Australia in 2005 when the World Wildlife Federation dreamed up a way to raise awareness about the impact of climate change. It has since become the largest voluntary action for the environment, with people and organizations all around the world turning off all non-essential lights for an hour.

Btih7V_CQAAw9md-1Turning off the lights is just one way to express our affection and concern for Planet Earth.

Here are a couple of others… just to get the ball rolling. Got more? Please add them to the list, by dropping a comment below!

earth-hour-movie-poster-2009-1020489293Park the car and walk or ride around town. Literally “run” your errands, instead of driving from stop to stop.

Think like an Australian, when it comes to water. If you know an Aussie, you know they call faucets…

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