Sourdough Newbie

After seeing the awesome blog The Zero-Waste Chef’s post on making a sourdough starter, I decided to do it myself. It started off by being a dough all instead of the thick pancake batter consistency that it was supposed to be, but I mixed in a little more water and decided to still try anyway. Today is the third day And this is how it’s turning out. 

Bubbles! And it’s bigger than it started. So it looks like tomorrow I’ll be starting a new batch to be fed! Have any of you made sourdough before? What do you use the “discard” for? Help! 


4 thoughts on “Sourdough Newbie

      • Hm, yeah I guess you could do that. I think you’ll find your discard not viable until it really starts bubbling better. I just have one and now that I’ve had it awhile I pretty much just don’t discard anything

  1. That’s a good amount of bubbling for just a few days. Yes, it will rise. I need to add that to my slides. It’s ready when it bubbles a lot and rises and falls after feeding. Mine usually takes about 4 hours to rise, but it depends on the temperature of your kitchen. You’ll also notice a change in the consistency. It’s not quite as thick after the microbes have done their work.

    Here’s a really easy pancake recipe I’ve been making a few mornings a week: I love the King Arthur one too that Liz mentioned but this one is so simple and quick.

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