Zero Waste

I’ve been looking and researching the idea of producing zero waste for a bit now and I’m loving the idea. I think for the new year I’m going to try it. I’m not going all out all at once. A lifestyle change takes time. But how awesome would it be to eventually be able to keep all my trash in a mason jar?!
This morning I brought up the idea of folding up our used wrapping paper and using it again next year to my parents. My dad said, “well that’s not what normal people do”. I don’t think too much of anything I value or come up with could be considered “normal”. I mean think about it, on Christmas every household that celebrates it will have some amount of wrapping paper to just throw away. And that’s that’s normal.
Are any of you zero waste or heard anything about it? Anyone have any tips? Help me out?


8 thoughts on “Zero Waste

  1. I have lots of tips! I think the biggest one is to cook. When I went plastic-free a few years ago, I soon noticed that most of the trash came from the kitchen. I cut out all packaged (i.e., processed food), which means I make everything from scratch. It tastes better and I’m much healthier now too. If you haven’t already, you might want to check out Beth Terry at and Bea Johnson at Good luck with your quest! I think it’s great! And who wants to be normal? I sure don’t 🙂

  2. I dont go crazy with Christmas gifts. For the love ones, i will either use my cloth, food bags, old newspaper as wrappers. And ask for the cloth wrappers and bags back after. 🙂

  3. This is a very thought-provoking post. I think we do better than most as far as not creating a lot of waste and using recyclable material, but I know we can do better. I try to buy fresh food as much as possible, but even that sometimes comes in packaging (meats, beans, etc.) We have reusable grocery bags, I love using reusable gift bags instead of wrapping paper, and I know now they make toilet paper without the cardboard roll in it. I need to take a look at what most of our waste consists of and think of ways of cutting back!

    • It’s crazy the amount of trash we have when we stop to think about it! I made reusable grocery bags out of T-shirts and I’m looking to make/get mesh produce bags. Also buying things in bulk and bringing in mason jars or containers to put the in helps a lot! I haven’t done it yet but I’m going to!

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