No Poo Problems

I need help! My fellow no-poo friends, do you have issues with your hair being super tangly? Just recently, my hair has become so tangly and hard to handle, I’ve just been throwing it up in a huge bun. Have any of you had this problem? How did you fix it? As always, any tips and experiences are welcome!


4 thoughts on “No Poo Problems

  1. It usually means you are using too much baking soda try using a little less the next time. You can also add in a conditioner cleanse every few washes. If you have heard of the oil cleanse this is the same concept. The oil in the conditioner dissolves the oil in your hair.

    To do the conditioner cleanse get your hair wet and massage your scalp to help loosen up the dirt and oils. Then take a large amount of conditioner (like a handful) and spread throughout your hair. Be sure and get the underside and scalp really good. Sometime it helps to flip your hair upside down to be sure and get it all. Massage it in really well and brush it through with a wide tooth comb. Then rinse it out, be sure to get it all. Again flipping your hair upside down while rinsing helps a lot.

    Hope this helps!

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